Jan 13 2019

Im happy with service

Jan 13 2019

Very Good service , thanks

Jan 11 2019

This is the best exchange, excelente rates for user, quickly, going to use again!!

Jan 10 2019

Im very happy with service thank you,

Jan 08 2019

So I have been looking online for a place to sell my bitcoins and get paypal funded... Well lets just say exwallet did that and more.... BTC--> Paypal... Fast Quick Simple EZ... They are just amazing you have nothing to be skeptical or worried about your money is SAFE SAFE SAFE..... Also if paypal puts your money on hold when you are making the exchange just put in the notes to have the transaction approved on their end and money is there almost instantly... They are soooooooooo organized and does Great business.... Did I mention they are reliable.... Just exchange and sit back you will be taken care off ... Just AMAZING service.

Jan 08 2019

Hello,funds are frozen by paypal says its suspicius sender they will hold funds until 29 january

Jan 06 2019

Some problems at start, but finally good ending :)

Jan 05 2019

Excellent. Fast.

Dec 24 2018

awesome and quick service

Dec 03 2018

My 2nd exchange from USDT to PAYPAL is complete very fast.Thank you !!!

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