Referral Program

To start your participation in our partnership program, you have to make a registration on our affiliate program and start promoting us. Partnership program money accruals are performed instantly, at the moment when purchase is made.

Our links exchange service offers mutually beneficial conditions in terms of partnership program. Owners of online portals, site administrators, famous forum and social media users could get significant additional income accepting our offer.

There is a simple logic under this idea, customer that was directed to any service by the link, would leave site soon, the reason is that most likely, this link exchange would not meet client’s expectations and needs. This means that particular customer (partner) would not get any partner’s remuneration.

However, in case your referral would be satisfied with the offer, referral would come and order from us repeatedly, providing you additional adjacent income.

It is obvious that electronic payment volume is constantly growing in the world. Therefore, that means – the earlier you start to promote us, the more efficient and significant your additional income would be.

This would finally reflect as follow:
  • - Free time to spend with friends and family
  • - Financial freedom
  • - Automatic money crediting on referrals account
  • - Negotiable interest, in case of high profits

There is always a probability – your offer could hit popularity ratings, and finally you would resign from your work, as you would not need it anymore. Therefore, this leads to real, overwhelming passive income, which is going to allow you to spend your time and live in worry-free style regarding your job and money. Our common system can start generating income for you.

Your initial partnership interest is 10%, and interest increase is always negotiable, could be discussed with CSR manager. The interest on your offers depends on turnover and your agreement with CSR manager.

There is a simple formula to calculate your income – You need to take our rate, subtract official rate, and on this difference, your referral’s earnings are 10% or in some circumstances even more as per agreement.

All partnership accruals are trackable in “Partnership office page” also on this page you could see your referrals activity, sum and interest percentage. Accrued balance is withdraw only by CSR manager as per your request.

The more referrals you attract, the more you earn and the more valuable partnership we build.

We would be happy to see you among our partners, for now, all you need to do – to promote our site in different ways (forums, blogs, friends etc).